Growing your email newsletter list is the best way to grow your business and engage with potential clients and customers. In the past, I have always used Mailchimp, but often found myself frustrated and discouraged. I recently made the switch from MailChimp to FloDesk and I’ll never go back!

Why I Decided to Switch from MailChimp to FloDesk

Using MailChimp was always a difficult process that left me feeling lost and discouraged. Growing my email list quickly fell to the back burner as it became more of a headache to create and send emails than it was worth. As a result, I began to abandon my list. Since my switch from MailChimp to FloDesk, my list has already doubled in size. So, I have shared a few of the things I love about FloDesk

Why I Decided to Switch from MailChimp to FloDesk

SO Easy to Use

If you have ever used MailChimp, I’m sure you know the frustration of designing and sending influential and successful emails. Often times I found myself lost at where things were located. This is not the case with FloDesk. The minimal simplistic design is cut and dry – easy to navigate.

Beautiful Design Capabilities

The ability to apply your own brand preferences makes creating emails and workflows an absolute breeze. Within minutes, I had my brand fonts, colors, logo, and social media applied. One of my favorite features might be the ability to integrate your Instagram feed right into the email!

Not a designer? Don’t stress – FloDesk offers beautifully designed pre-made templates for those who need a little extra design help!


FloDesk offers workflows to help provide a more hands off process. I mean let’s be honest, we’re busy business owners. Time is valuable and we don’t have endless hours to cultivate a strong email sequence to grab our new subscriber’s attention. Workflows allow you to duplicate existing emails or create fresh ones and trigger

Support & Tutorial Library

Trying a new program can definitely get overwhelming, but don’t let that stop you! There is a library of helpful resources on their website to help you create amazing newsletters and get used to using FloDesk. Not only that, but there is an entire YouTube playlist and many other videos dedicated to helping you get the hang of this awesome platform!

Ready to upgrade your email newsletters? Sign up for Flo Desk today and receive 50% off your subscription! You can also use Code ‘LOVENDEAR’.