I would love to help level up your business with thoughtful branding and website design

Lovendear is a graphic design studio specializing in custom branding and website design for service-based businesses. My goal as your designer is to help take your business to the next level with thoughtful branding and website design. 

branding and website design for creatives

I earned my bachelor's degree in studio art from Georgia College and State University in 2015 (Go Bobcats!). From there, I worked for a small graphic design business for over four years. I designed custom brands, websites, and other digital products for creative businesses. In September of 2019, I decided to follow the Lord’s guidance and step out on my own and I haven’t looked back since! 

The Credentials & Details

It is SO great to meet you! I have a passion for people and creativity. I love Jesus, my family, and Mexican food in that order. My favorite color is green and I claim the role of both dog mom and crazy plant lady. My husband Daniel and I live with our adorable pups Murphy and Leon just north of Atlanta, Georgia.

My goal as your designer is to get to know you and encourage you on your journey as a business owner. Whether you're just starting out, or have larger than life goals, I'm here for you!

Hey y'all, I'm AnneMarie

let's get a little personal

Just consider me your personal cheerleader. I want to see you and your business go above and beyond. I collaborate with you to create beautiful and thriving design.

I would love to meet you and hear more about your business and specific design needs — contact me and let's set up a time!

With over 7 years of design experience, I craft endearing brand identities and stunning website design to resonate with your ideal clients and enhance your customer experience.

i'm grateful you landed on my little corner of the internet — I am here to help you grow your business and form deeper connections

Hi sweet Friend,

I'm AnneMarie

The purpose of investing in a new brand and website is to grow your business. Visual branding has an empowering ability to make a strong first impression. My ultimate intention is to help you achieve your goals and to book the dream clients who will adore what you do! Lastly, I am sure to provide you with design that will last a lifetime.

03 Longevity

Every step we take in the direction of your new and improved brand and website design is purposeful. No part of the process is an afterthought. Your brand and website design should be as unique and important as your business is. I have intentionally put specific steps in place for every custom project. You can trust that your custom design project is a priority of mine!

02 Purposeful Design

Remaining intentional and genuine is my ultimate goal as your brand designer. My aim is to provide a brand and website you’re confident investing in. I achieve this by listening carefully to your needs and getting to know you and your brand, long before visuals are discussed. I combine this personality-filled information with my skills as a designer to create a brand you’ll love.

01 Intentionality

Lovendear derives its name from the word ‘endearing’. My goal is to treat everyone with the love and respect I would give my own family and friends. I want nothing more than to get to know you as an individual. This helps me better understand who you are as a business owner as well. Read about more of my core values as a brand designer, entrepreneur and individual.

What drives the designs I create

Core Values

Once the website strategy is complete, I will begin designing a wireframe design of your website in Adobe XD. The great thing about this program is that it allows us to pin and comment back and forth, making the refinements process go very smoothly! After the wireframe design is approved, I will begin developing your design into Showit. Once that's approved, I will begin to set up any SEO rich content, and assist with domain connection. We'll then launch and celebrate!

05. Website Design & Development

For website design services, we will begin your website strategy. Here, we plan out the meaning and vision behind your website. Your brand strategy and design will be incorporated into this part of the process. We will determine your audience and how you want your website to speak to them. Additionally, we will go through the goals of your website including you and your audience's objectives, things we will focus on and avoid, a sitemap, and visual inspiration

04. Website Strategy

From there, we begin the design process by moving onto your brand design, additional elements, and any stationery designs. We will go through a refinement phase to ensure the design is solid and in line with the strategy document. If you booked website design, we will then move onto that process. If not, I'll begin designing any extras and packaging your files!

03. Brand Design

We will begin with an extensive brand discovery process where we dive deep into the meaning behind your business and strategize the direction you want to move in. From there, I will develop a strategy including your values, audience, brand's tone, goals, and vision. This will help set the foundation for your brand design.

02. Brand Discovery & Strategy

Inquire and we’ll schedule a phone call. I’ll ask all the good questions about your business and your biggest goals. This sets the tone and directs our next steps in the branding and website design process. Together we’ll determine the extent of branding and website design services your business needs. 

01. Introductions & Getting Started

To design a successful, unique brand, I need to get to know you and the vision of your business. Make a lasting, professional first impression on your dream clients with custom strategy and brand design. Your brand tells the story of your business and sets the trajectory of where you're going. Investing in custom branding is investing in your business' future success. Here’s a little more about how it works!

Designing with your dreams in mind

A Glimpse into my design process

I absolutely can’t wait to connect with you and help you grow your business with a new brand design and custom website. 

Now, let’s hear all about your goals!