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Elevate your brand, grow your business and draw clients to you effortlessly with result-driven design

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Custom Branding and Showit Website Designer

You deserve to

connect with higher-budget clients effortlessly

confidently raise your rates

streamline and elevate your client process

Align your brand visuals for maximum impact.

Week Design Intensives

Design services for businesses between 2-4 years old, this service provides a fully designed brand and/or website in ONE week. A quick and efficient timeline helping you to confidently align with dream clients, like yesterday.

"Our Branding has been a big success and I'm going full time in business - no office job!"

Following the website launch we got more inquiries for our higher package and received positive feedback on the website. We used to get told more so that our vibe on Instagram was great and now the website gets more attention.

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Custom Strategy & Design

Custom established design services rooted in strategy to provide real results in your business. For businesses 5 years or older ready to grow and scale. With more time and resources than when you first started, you feel confident investing in your brand visuals from the ground up.

Why Choose Lovendear?

I don't just provide beautiful design... I'm in the business of designing brands and websites calibrated for growth 

Pretty design is great and all, but only gets you so far. Let's plan and strategize your brand visuals and website to form deep connections to reach your goals!

Semi-Custom Brands

Elevated brand kits customized just for you without the custom design pricetag

Beautiful luxury pre-designed brands customized to fit your specific business. These brands are affordable without sacrificing quality - Shop the styles today!

She made my dreams come true. Literally. My website is everything that I am and everything I want my company to be.

It is unique from anything I have seen her do, and that’s exactly what her gift is. She gives a unique experience to each of her clients and I’m so thankful I chose her to create my brand.  The communication was personable and timely.

frequently asked questions

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! After our discovery call, I will customize a project proposal based on your design needs. Included is an invoicing schedule that we can tailor to your specific budget and comfortability.

when can we start our project?

My availability depends on the time of year and how many clients I have scheduled. If you're interested in brand and/or website design currently or in the future, go ahead and reach out. We can get. you on the schedule whenever works best for both of us!

I'm brand new to business. Should I invest in custom design?

I am an avid believer that new business owners do not need to invest thousands in a custom brand identity, at least not at first. A strong visual brand identity requires a lot of strategy into yourself, your business, and your ideal clients. If you are brand new to the game, I recommend taking some time to explore who you authentically connect with and get to know them really well. Experiment and don't be afraid to try new things. This pushes you to really define your business goals, vision, values, and dream clients, all of which help define your brand identity. Semi-Custom brands are a great way to get you started marketing yourself and your new business! But the best way to know it to hop on a call so we can discuss your specific business.

will you design my website before the brand?

Designing a website before a cohesive brand identity is like running before you can walk and rushing the process. Without a solid and strategic visual identity, your website will fall flat. This is because you haven't yet defined your ideal audience, you will find yourself running in circles. I highly recommend investing in branding first!