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You're struggling to connect with higher-budget clients, desire to raise your prices, and you don't feel confident with your client process 

And it's preventing you from growing and scaling your business

Believe me, I get it — I've been there myself. Yep, even as a brand designer I've had trouble connecting with my ideal client because my brand visuals fell short. Once I healed from imposter syndrome, I took a deep dive into the meaning behind my business. I became my own client and WOW, was that clarifying! By establishing my why and reflecting deeply on why I do what I do and who I want to serve, I was able to strategize and design my brand in a way that is authentic to myself and my ideal audience.

Week Design Intensives

Design services for businesses between 2-4 years old, this service provides a fully designed brand and/or website in ONE week. A quick and efficient timeline helping you to confidently align with dream clients, like yesterday.

Ideal for businesses who have done the DIY thing but are ready to shift gears. Each day, we'll focus on a different part of your brand or website. I've taken the design intensive process many designers are offering and spread it into week long formats to provide more breathing room and space for decisions.

Brand Nurture Week

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Website in a week

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Brand Nurture Week

Nourish your business with intentional one-of-a-kind design. Within five short days, I will design a visual brand tailored to your specific business.

Each day we'll focus on a different area of your brand identity. We start with discovery and a mini-strategy phase where we establish a mood board, color palette, and overall theme to your brand. Next, we move onto brand design and development where we build out specific and actionable deliverables such as your logo suite, patterns, icons, and stationery. We will work through any final revisions on Friday and wrap up with launch strategy and celebrate your beautiful new brand!

investment $2200
bundle services and save $$

deliverables — what's included

Below, I have listed in detail the guaranteed deliverables you'll receive with the brand nurture week. Because every business is different, additional deliverables are likely.

  • Mini-Strategy Session
  • Logo Suite — main logo and Alternate logos
  • Color Palette
  • Monogram 
  • Brand Icons
  • Textural Elements such as patterns, textures, or illustrations
  • Business Card
  • Your choice of 2 á la carte deliverables
  • Font Selection with download links
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Custom Launch Graphics

Á la carte deliverable options

Client welcome guide, website landing page, Marketing Templates, Client Proposal Template, Email opt-in freebie design, Canva templates

Website in a Week

Showit or Squarespace template customized uniquely to your business in one short week. By the end, you won’t even tell we started with a template!

In a week, you’ll receive a beautifully designed website. We will begin with a Showit or Squarespace template and customize it to fit your unique business. Each day, we will work on a different aspect of your website to establish a strong website presence to attract your target market. We will go through a planning phase, move on to template customization, migrate any blog posts, and connect your domain!

investment $2200
bundle services and save $$

deliverables — what's included

  • Website Consultation Call
  • Assistance in template selection
  • Design Installation
  • Showit or Squarespace website template customization
  • Application of brand elements such as logos, colors, fonts, textural elements, etc.
  • Implementation of all text, copy, and imagery for your business.
  • SEO Optimization for each page 
  • Launch assistance with domain + blog (as needed)
  • Recorded Video Tutorial to help you make updates to your website

* This package does not include the price of the actual website template. If you choose a premium design, the template must be purchased separately

Lovendear's Showit template shoppe is reopening fall 2O23. Subscribe to the waitlist to stay up to date!

Working with Lovendear Design was truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business. She takes the time to genuinely explore what makes your business “what it is,” and is able to translate it in a beautiful way that connects full-circle.

AnneMarie is not only incredibly gifted in creativity + vision, but she is also extremely patient, kind, and compassionate throughout the design process. I couldn’t be more pleased with the rebrand she led my business through. I now actually ENJOY combing through my website… which is a big deal! I couldn’t recommend Lovendear Design more — AnneMarie is truly the best of the best.

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Brand Strategy & Design

Custom established design services rooted in strategy to provide real results in your business.

Starting at $4k
flexible Payment plans available

You've been in business for years and are committed to grow and scale. With more time and resources than when you first started, you feel confident investing in your brand visuals from the ground up.

The secret behind every successful business is that everything is rooted deep in strategy. In fully custom brand strategy and design, we will take a deep dive in to you and your business to establish your place in the market and evaluate ways to help you stand out from your competition. By establishing your core values, brand vision, goals, and target audience, we can design a brand that speaks directly to your current and potential clients.
Because every business is unique, specific deliverables vary. During our discovery call, we will discuss specific project details and I'll send you a customized proposal of services.

Why Choose Lovendear?

I don't just provide beautiful design... I'm in the business of designing brands and websites calibrated for growth 

Pretty design is great and all, but only gets you so far. Let's plan and strategize your brand visuals and website to form deep connections to reach your goals!

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Custom Website Design

fully custom website built from scratch on showit or squarespace - your choice!

Starting at $4k
flexible Payment plans available

Tired of using a template, and ready for a one-of-a-kind website? Let's incorporate intentional strategy and design to form deeper connections and land dream clients!

Custom Website Design is for those looking for a completely custom-built website design from scratch on Showit. We will schedule a strategy session where we make a plan for the intentions of your website design. Next, we will work through design and development process. We’ll refine and launch the website of your dreams!
Every business is unique and has different needs for their website. Specific pages vary, but you'll receive home, blog, contact, and landing pages. Website built in either Showit or Squarespace - you decide!

She made my dreams come true. Literally. My website is everything that I am and everything I want my company to be.

It is unique from anything I have seen her do, and that’s exactly what her gift is. She gives a unique experience to each of her clients and I’m so thankful I chose her to create my brand.  The communication was personable and timely.

Semi-Custom Brands

Elevated brand kits customized just for you without the custom design pricetag

Beautiful luxury pre-designed brands customized to fit your specific business. These brands are affordable without sacrificing quality! Join the waitlist below to be the first to know about the Semi-Custom brand launch. You'll even get first dibs on the designs!

VIP Design Intensive Days

Let's cut out the long design timelines and tackle the design to-do list you've been putting off with a full day dedicated to your immediate design needs. 

Feel like something is disconnected in your brand but can't put your finger on it? Maybe your logo isn't quite right, your colors and fonts don’t nail it, or a few custom illustrations will add some personality. Can't remember the last time you updated your website or are overwhelmed with staying consistent on social media? Design VIP days were made just for you.

Here's a few things we can dedicate your day to ⤵

LOGO UPDATES • email design • Website refresh • SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPLATES • packaging design • COLOR PALETTE TWEAKS

Investment starting at $1800