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YOUR BUSINESS IS ONE OF A KIND. Which is why I have a range of design services. From fully custom design, to Brand Nurture Week, to Marketing VIP Days, these offerings reach a variety of business needs.

branding —Website Design — Marketing assets — VIP design Days

design services to help your business Confidently align with your audience







possible deliverables:

  • Stationery (such as business cards, thank you cards, T-shirts, Promo cards, etc)
  • Client welcome guide
  • Marketing Templates
  • Client Proposal Template
  • Website Coming Soon Page
  • Logo Suite (main logo and 2-3 alternate logos)
  • Color Palette
  • Supporting Design Elements (such as illustrations, patterns, textures, etc.)
  • Font Selection with download links
  • Brand Board
  • Brand Style Guide (document helping you implement your brand assets) 
  • Custom Launch Graphics

guaranteed deliverables:

This service offering provides a fully designed brand in a week. We will go through a discovery and brainstorming phase, move on to brand design and wrap up with launch strategy. Below, I have listed in detail the guaranteed deliverables you'll receive with the brand nurture week. Because every business is different, additional deliverables are likely.

Brand Nurture week

  • Logo Updates
  • Color Palette
  • Typography Selection
  • Custom Illustration
  • Brand Board

Because every business is different, the deliverables for brand refresh will vary. Below, I included examples of previous deliverables from brand refresh projects

possible deliverables:

To start off the project, we will have a kick off call. During this time, we will discuss the specific areas of your business that need a little TLC. We will talk through your ideal client and how we can better speak to them with your brand's visual design.

planning + discovery

Feel like something is disconnected in your brand but can't put your finger on it? Maybe your logo isn't quite right, your colors and fonts don’t nail it, or a few custom illustrations will add some personality. Not every business needs a full rebrand which is why I offer a brand refresh. If you have an identity that is already established but just need tweaks here and there, this service is perfect for you! We will refresh your brand in the areas where it needs it most.

Brand refresh

Custom brand strategy and design has the ability to move the needle for your business in huge ways. In-depth strategy and visuals resonate deeply with your ideal client and enhances your customer experience.

I am still taking on fully custom branding and website design projects! Because of the nature of these projects, the pricing and scope varies. It's best to reach out for a discovery call to find out more information about fully custom!

looking for something more strategic and robust?

fully custom brand strategy & Design







  • Website Consultation Call
  • Priority List
  • Full 8-hour day designated to your website
  • Showit training video if needed

typically includes:

On the morning of our design day, I’ll send you a message letting you know I’ve started working. We can hop on a call midday to check in and I'll present what I have completed. By the end of the day, you will have a refreshes website to show to the world!

vip Design day

Prior to the VIP day, we will schedule a prep call. During this time, we will discuss your specific website goals and make a priority list for the day. During this meeting, I can also answer any lingering questions you might have.


Website VIP day provides is a full day dedicated to making any and all updates to your website. Whether it’s your verbiage, imagery, fonts, colors, or layouts, this service is the perfect option to give your website a fresh update!

Website VIP Day

* Please Note: This package does not include the price of the actual Showit template. The template design must be purchased separately.

  • Website Consultation Call
  • Assistance in template selection
  • Design Installation
  • Implementation of brand assets such as colors, fonts, logos, etc.
  • Rearranging canvases 
  • Small modifications to the template
  • Up to 4 custom canvas designs
  • SEO Optimization
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Launch Assistance with Domain and Blog as needed

typically includes:

Template customization is a service where we build your website using a pre-designed template compatible with the Showit platform. I will customize the design to match your brand visuals (logos, colors, and fonts) as well as your website content (verbiage and images).

template customization

  • Instagram Grid Plan
  • Reusable assets
  • Canva Account Setup
  • Digital Lead Magnet Design
  • Email Marketing backend setup

Because every business has different needs, the deliverables will vary. Below, I included a few examples of what we can accomplish on the day.

possible deliverables:

On the morning of our design day, I’ll send you a message letting you know I’ve started working. We can hop on a call midday to check in and I'll present what assets I have completed. By the end of the day, you will have a library full of marketing tools for you to use to grow your business!

marketing vip day

Prior to the VIP day, we will schedule a prep call. During this time, we will discuss your specific marketing goals and make a priority list for the day. During this meeting, I can also answer any lingering questions you might have.


Social media marketing is a huge part of owning an online business but can be overwhelming. Remaining consistent online builds brand recognition and grows interest in your products and/or services. Marketing VIP day is a full day dedicated to up-leveling your marketing game. We will meet to strategize the goals of your online marketing prior to the VIP day. On the actual VIP day, we will tackle your specific marketing assets and to-do list. By the end of the day, you will have tons of content to repurpose for the months ahead!

Marketing VIP Day

Sheena with Onyx Styling Co.

Design Intensive helped me to see and truly have direction with my branding. The feeling of my branding truly representing my business. The colors, fonts and aesthetic are just so on point! It has really elevated the look and feel of my business.

Client Words

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if fully custom design or an intensive is right for me?

If time is a huge factor for you and you are in need of a brand and/or website like yesterday, the intensive structure is a great fit for you. Another factor to consider is budget. Full brand and website services start around $5k each. If this is outside of your budget, design intensives is a great option for you. Lastly, if you are a new business and haven't quite figured out every detail about your company, brand design intensive is great to give you a 'starter brand' to build a strong foundation to grow upon. At the end of the intensive process, you will receive all the essentials of a 'starter brand' to give you the basics to get started building your business. 

best for newer businesses who have been diy-ing (less than 3 years)

Design Intensives

You are a well established business and have a firm vision. If you are growing tremendously in your business and your existing brand is not growing WITH you, full branding is best for you. Custom strategy and design includes lots of steps, presentations, and phone calls where we take a deep dive into you and your business. This type of project requires time and commitment, so it's perfect if you're ready to spend the time and energy to making big moves in your business. Full brand projects are also a great fit if you value strategy, great design, have a product line, or big picture goals!

ideal for well-established businesses ready to make big moves (4+ years)

Fully Custom Brand Projects

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! Typically, projects are split into 2-4 different payments including a non-refundable deposit. At the start of the project, we can set a customized payment plan that fits your needs!

will you provide a guide to teach me how to use my new brand elements?

Yes! At the end of the custom brand design process, I will provide a brand style guide. This document includes the creative direction from your project, a breakdown of your brand elements, color palette and typography information, details about illustrations or patterns, application of collateral items, and final file setup. For design intensives, you will receive a brand board at the end of the way with all logos, font, and color information.

What do I receive at the end of a design intensive day?

With this type of intensive project structure, I can not guarantee specific deliverables. However, in all my previous design intensives, I have at least completed a full brand including your main logo, alternate logo, color palette, and typography suite. Depending on how the day goes will determine what specific deliverables you will receive. Things that factor into this include the response time from the client, the intricacy of the design itself, the client's ability to make final decisions, etc.

Do we need to be available during the entire design intensive day?

Yes! The design intensive process is quick because of how collaborative and hands on it is. You will need to be available for the prep call one week prior to the design day which should last around 30 min. Additionally, you will need to be available the entire design day. We won't be talking the entire 8 hours, but we will need to jump on the phone a few times throughout the day to ensure we are keeping with our timeline and are on the same page in terms of the design.