There is SO much that goes into a successful brand design process. I mean really, I could talk all day about this topic. But for now, let’s keep it brief and focus on brand discovery, brand identity, and visual branding.

brand discovery

First things first, we need to discover who you are and who your business is. By creating a brand discovery document, we are able to layout specifics about your brand identity. This portion of the brand design process helps us get into the nitty-gritty and sets a strong foundation moving forward.

Brand Design Process - Brand Discovery Document

brand identity

Brand identity is what makes up your brand. This includes things such as identifying your goals, target audience, and brand season. Understanding and stating your objectives and values allows me to more successfully stay on track when we get to the visual branding portion. Identifying your target audience and becoming aware of your competition allows you to differentiate yourself.

Brand Design Process - Brand Identity

visual branding

Last, but certainly not least is your visual branding. This is the most exciting part of the brand design process, in my own opinion, of course. Visual branding is all about first impressions. You want to make a lasting impact that your dream clients will remember. Typography, color, color, and patterns are all elements that make up a visual brand.