Continuing in the foundational elements to cultivate a successful brand tip series, today let’s discuss the essentials to develop your visual brand. Please note, these are just a few tips among an array of ways to develop your visual brand.

Tips to Develop Your Visual Brand

Develop Your Visual Brand

01. Mood or Feeling

When developing your visual brand, brainstorming the mood or feeling of your business is a great first step. Use a creative tool such as pinterest or dribbble to dream up the look of your business. search keywords in which you would classify your brand such as ‘elegant’ or timeless to see if you’re on the right track.

02. Use of Typography

there is so much to say about typography and how essential it is to your brand. in short, the typography used for your business should be supportive and not form any type of distractions. does your business need a Serif, san serif, a script, or maybe a combination?

03. Color Story

As i have touched on before, color has more to say than most would think. certain colors evoke significant feelings and responses, so it has the ability to authentically connect others to you and your business.

Keep it simple. Simple can mean a lot of things, but what it does not mean is plain. Keeping your brand simple and understated. If there is too much happening in your logo, your future clients/customers will most likely miss how you can help them!

I know this can all get a little overwhelming. Which is why it is beneficial to hire a designer. Hiring out allows you to focus on what you really love and are passionate about. And you’ll leave with a knock it out of the park brand!