It is SO important to invest your hard-earned money into custom design work that you are confident in! Custom brand design is more than just a logo and color palette. Strategy plays a HUGE role in developing a strong and long-lasting brand. I would even go as far as to say that strategy is the most important part of the custom design process.

My custom branding design experience is thoughtful and intentional. One of my main goals is to provide a unique custom design experience for each of my clients. Not only are you investing in a beautiful, timeless design, but the MAIN foundation for custom design work is intentional and thought-out strategy.

What is a brand discovery process? Starting with an extensive brand discovery process sets the trajectory of your brand. It answers the ‘why’ when brainstorming typography, color, and everything else that makes up your unique brand. Giving purpose to every working part in your brand makes for a strong and unbeatable brand.

More About My Brand Discovery Process

More About My Brand Discovery Process

The single most important part of my custom branding process is the brand discovery phase. The process begins with an extensive in-depth brand discovery questionnaire. I ask prompting questions that get you thinking deeply about your business as a whole and your future trajectory. Who are your competitors and dream clients? The questionnaire establishes the starting point for your brand.

Next, we move into brainstorming and the brand discovery document. Based on your answers, I begin writing out your brand story. Including a study on your competitors, target audience, keywords, goals, and values.

Now is where the fun truly begins — Pinterest! Here, we collaborate and brainstorm the visual direction of your brand together. Everything that aligns with your business such as color, photography, typography, patterns, and textures. I compile this all together into a mood board that best reflects the future of your business.

Then I wrap it up like the beautiful gift it is and deliver it to you to have forever! Establishing the brand discovery document from the beginning allows us to have a guide to refer back to throughout the entire brand process. This keeps us on task and on-brand!

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