This romantic semi-custom brand transformation is modern, creative, and warm. SB Creative is an artistic studio focused on photography and interior design. Sarah is a wedding and elopement photographer currently in school for interior design – talk about a true creative!

Changing her name from ‘Sarah Brooks Photo’ to ‘Sarah Brooks Creative’ or ‘SB Creative’ allows the freedom for future growth and expansion of both photography and interior design.

The unique serif logotype, modern geometric accents, and timeless typography make Charlotte Maison the perfect fit for SB Creative! Soft ivory and pure white make up the neutrals of the color palette. A warm rusty tone and sea glass are secondary color accents. Rather than black for the dark neutral, a deep navy brings a unique tone to the brand. The cobalt blue serves as an accent to use sparingly. This pop of color is innovative and increases memorability.

The Selected Brand

Modern Romantic Semi-Custom Brand Transformation for SB Creative

The Customized Brand

Modern Romantic Semi-Custom Brand Transformation for SB Creative

Modern Romantic Semi-Custom Brand Transformation

Here’s what Sarah has to say about her pre-made brand customization experience:

Q1: How do you feel now having a professional visual brand identity?
A1: I 100% made the right decision with having a professional visual brand identity and regret that I did not invest sooner. There is no way to achieve a cohesive, consistent, intentional brand without hiring a professional. You cannot put a price tag on the joy, excitement, and confidence i now have to move forward with my photography and interior design endeavors.

Q2: How do you feel your brand will help your business grow?
A2:My brand will help my business grow and I will now be able to reach my ideal clients because I now have a clear, consistent, unique message to share that will make me recognizable to competitors, potential clients, future projects, or people who look to my account for inspiration.

Q3: Tell me about your wins what were the benefits you walked away with?
A3: The benefits that I walked away with are confidence and peace. Tangible wins are my brand’s colors, typography, primary and secondary logo, business card design, my own shape design, social media graphics for posts and stories, and a brand style guide that goes into detail about how to access and situations of when to use everything.

Q4: Why did you decide to work with Lovendear?
A4: I decided to work with Lovendear because of her fresh perspective and intentionality with her work for other clients. Her attention to detail is unmatched. I have been so impressed since following her, and knew she was someone I could trust.

Q5: Why did you choose a semi-custom brand over fully custom services?
A5: I chose a semi-custom brand instead of fully custom services because I really wanted and needed to establish the fundamentals of what makes up my brand. I am in my first two years as an Elopement & Wedding photographer, as well as a student in interior design school, and it was a better choice to set the groundwork for my business first before diving into a full package.