Feeling proud and grateful to show off this luxurious brand design for esthetician NYCFacial. This custom brand and website design is modern, refined, and approachable. Carolina is the owner and lead esthetician of NYCFacial. Not only does she provide high-end quality facial treatments, but she is passionate about educating others about skincare.

Luxurious Brand Design for Esthetician NYCFacial

Luxurious Brand Design for Esthetician NYCFacial

Carolina is been an absolute joy to work with. Her passion and expertise for custom skincare treatments is incredible, so I’m grateful to be a part of her journey!

Brand Vision

An experience that makes your audience feel confident and healthy as they receive high-quality skincare treatments – an identity that is supportive and comfortable.


Your audience are working professionals who are looking for an esthetician to help with their skin care regimen. They want someone who not only assists with their skincare needs, but also offers consistent and high quality treatments. Your audience are attracted to quality and appreciate how you provide a comfortable, trustworthy experience.

Luxurious Brand Design for Esthetician NYCFacial

The NYCFacial Logo Breakdown

This brand addresses the high-quality treatments and trustworthy approach Carolina provides. A classic serif maintains clear legibility, while all capital letters represent confidence and commitment. The circular shape of the ‘C’ symbolizes the well-rounded skincare knowledge and transparent, tender approach she takes with her clients. Fresh, clean serifs emphasize the detail and time Carolina puts into her services.

Monograms are sophisticated in unique. Combining the main letters of NYCFacial into a custom monogram mark is detailed and one-of-a-kind. Social media and marketing materials are great places to utilize extra brand elements.

Luxurious Brand Design for Esthetician NYCFacial

Custom Illustration

In the heart of New York City, NYCFacial’s location is important to her brand. Some of New York’s major landmarks are included in this custom illustration, such as the Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge, and The Empire State Building. Finding unique ways to showcase your values with mediums such as illustration builds recognition.

Luxurious Brand Design for Esthetician NYCFacial

Website design for NYCFacial

Luxurious Brand Design for Esthetician NYCFacial

Website Vision

Create a space that gives your audience a sense of the high end luxury experience they’ll have when investing in custom facial treatments. You want clients to feel confident before booking your services. Through the website, they’ll know you are about more than broad skincare treatments. You are about their individual skincare needs.

Educating people on your services is key to a converting website. Use your knowledge to define their problem(s) and become the solution. For instance, Carolina educates her visitors about the importance of high-quality skincare. Resulting in curious customers turning into booking clients. By defining her offerings, her audience learns how hydrafacial, oxygen therapy, or complete skin rejuvenation addresses their needs.

NYCFacial’s website design includes negative space and simple navigation. This is reflective of Carolina’s brand vision and target audience.

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