Full of delight, Savanna Kaye photographs couples, families, and non-profits in the Atlanta area. This warm brand design and Squarespace website is extra special to me as I have known and loved Savanna deeply for years.

We met at high school youth group and became fast friends. It has been such a joy to see her grow and flourish in the photography industry over the years. She has a truly incredible gift not only of capturing beautiful moments but also of cultivating and fostering genuine connections. She is intentional and thoughtful and is such a light.

Savanna is a published love, life, and humanitarian photographer based in Atlanta, available worldwide.

The Why Behind Savanna Kaye

Every successful brand is rooted in strategy. So, before we jump into the beauty of this rebrand, let’s touch on the why behind Savanna Kaye.

In 2017, Savanna naturally fell into the photography world. Attending a small Christian university set her up for the photography she would specialize in. Combining ring by spring with small photography budgets and outgoing gal with a camera provided the perfect formula.

By being involved in a healthy church community, she was championed and encouraged from the start. This plays a huge role in her career as a photographer. One of her primary goals for this rebrand was to cultivate a brand presence that gives space for her to grow both in the world of love and in non-profits.

Savanna’s Core Values Include:

  • Delight — She is committed to holding space for joy and gratitude – both through her unique photography experience and sincere personality interwoven throughout her brand. She is an absolute light!
  • Honor — Through her photography, whether it’s wedding, engagement, family, or non-profit, she honors each person and moment to tell a unique captivating story
    that is completely special to them.
  • Thoughtfulness — By moving through her days and relationships with intentionality and integrity, she is able to cultivate strong
    connections and meaning with her clients.
  • Abundance — Savanna believes there is always more room at the table, welcoming people exactly where they are. This is
    genuinely portrayed by her inspiring imagery.
Warm Brand Design and Squarespace Website for Savanna Kaye

Brand Vision

Savanna provides memorable photography that advocates for and preserves genuine emotion, color, and moments. Where people feel safe and at home.

Brand Personality

Savanna is a warm advocate who honors people’s stories with a firm grasp on tenderness and sincerity. She is a true friend championing her clients with integrity.

What did the process look like

Brand Nurture Week + Website in a Week

Savanna was my first client who received a week dedicated to both her brand and website. During week one, I designed her brand completely from scratch. First, I took a deep dive into her questionnaire and completed industry research of my own. We hopped on a call to discuss her brand strategy and creative direction. By establishing her brand vision, personality, and ideal client, we are able to build a brand that resonates with her audience.

Then, I moved on to designing her logo suite including a main logo, secondary logo, monogram, and brand marks. After that was approved, I created custom textural elements. These hand-drawn elements create depth to her brand while remaining heartfelt. I wrapped up the brand nurture week with her business card design, exported the final files, and dove into a launch strategy. More on that later!

During week two, designed her website on the Squarespace platform. On the first day, we had a strategy meeting to discuss the intentions of her website including her imagery and written verbiage.

Over the following few days, I worked on building out her website entirely from scratch on Squarespace. Formerly a bit of a hater on this platform, I must say the features have improved A LOT to even just a year ago! I designed and developed her website completely from scratch going page by page. I’ll go in more detail about the design in a bit.

The Pain Point

Savanna’s main pain point was a lack of cohesiveness in the photography experience she provides and what her brand represents. She relied on a DIY-ed brand during the foundational years of her business.

This stage for solo entrepreneurs is completely normal and I believe important. In the beginning stages, focus on getting to know yourself as a business owner, set clear goals, and identify your ideal clients. If you don’t take the time to do this, and instead jump into investing in your brand visuals, you most likely will not have a clear direction. Without a clear direction and time to establish your brand voice and message, you will most likely miss the mark on your brand identity and have to start from scratch a year or so down the road.

Savanna took the time to dive into her photography business with intentionality. She is deeply aware of herself and her clients. Allowing the space in the early moments of her business to marinate on this and shoot a bunch of weddings, she has come to a crystal clear understanding of the photography sessions she specializes in and her style.

Her DIY brand was no longer supporting her, so it was time to invest in a professional brand identity.

The Solution

To solve this problem, I designed a brand that best represents herself and her business. With an infectious personality, Savanna provides a truly one-of-a-kind photography experience.

Additionally, her brand supports the transition between the world of love and non-profits. So, this

From a warm, radiant color palette to a playful serif logotype and handcrafted textural patterns, this brand exemplifies Savanna’s personality and directly connects with her current and potential clients.

Looking for quality and connection, Savanna’s clients will be drawn to the detailed movement in the logotype and connecting elements. The color palette evokes heartfelt sincere feelings, helping clients feel right at home.

Color Palette

Warm Brand Design and Squarespace Website for Savanna Kaye

This color palette is inspired by warm tones found in nature, art, and textiles. Delightful and approachable, these colors have a softness to them, portraying a fresh creative feeling. Savanna, herself is a very warm inviting and joyful person. So, it was imperative to select colors that support the experience her clients have during a session.

Savanna’s Logo Suite

Warm Brand Design and Squarespace Website for Savanna Kaye
Warm Brand Design and Squarespace Website for Savanna Kaye

Forming connections between the letterforms is representative of the relationships she cultivates with clients. The main logotype has movement throughout representative of how she moves through her days and relationships with integrity and intentionality. Small memorable details throughout the logo allow her to stand out and represent the detail and quality she put into her work.

A custom monogram and modern brand icons sets her apart and adds variety to her brand visuals. Apply these elements to the footer of your website or the back of your notecard. Order a hand embosser with your monogram to add a heartfelt touch to your brand stationery.

Custom Squarespace Website Design

Warm Brand Design and Squarespace Website for Savanna Kaye

As I’m sure you know, my tried and true website platform is Showit. However, Squarespace has improved SO much over the last couple of months. Savanna has used Squarespace since the beginning of her business journey. So, it was important for her to remain on a platform she was familiar with.

Savanna’s website is engaging and interactive, drawing in her clients from the start. With scrolling text, unique photo frames, and modern typography, her site offers a welcoming, energetic experience. In addition, clear navigation and call-to-action buttons help guide visitors through her online space.

Launch Strategy Plan

You just invested the time and money into a brand overhaul and website redesign.

An important part of any rebrand and/or website project is the launch strategy. Particularly if your business is well-established, it’s important to communicate your rebrand with your clients and followers. As mentioned, establishing your why is an essential part of the design process. If you Building up hype and

Warm Brand Design and Squarespace Website for Savanna Kaye

Final Results of Savanna Kaye’s Warm Brand Design and Showit Website Design