Now introducing Lovendear’s new brand in a week service offering called ‘Brand Nurture Week‘. I am thrilled to now offer this service that still maintains an intensive style structure but with a bit more breathing room. Intensive structured offers are a great fit for businesses 1-3 years old. The timeline is more expedited allowing you to start marketing your business quickly. After all, the faster you’re up and running, the quicker you start booking clients.

What exactly is a Brand In A Week

Brand Nurture Week, coined by yours truly is a brand in a week. Exactly as it sounds, I will design a brand in five short days tailored specifically to your business. Each day, we focus on a different part of your brand. Beginning with strategy and planning, moving on to designing your logo suite, additional assets, stationery, and a customized launch strategy.

Brand In a Week — New Service Offering 'Brand Nurture Week'

Let’s dive into what each day includes

Below you can see what we accomplish each day. Typically, we start on a Monday, but if needed we can start your project on a different weekday.

DAY ONE — Day one is the strategy kick-off day. I will begin the day by reading through your brand discovery questionnaire and make note of any recurring themes. I begin to brainstorm ideas and do industry research as well as ideal audience exploration. Once I gather all the necessary information, I begin to put it all together in a presentation. Included in this presentation is a creative direction. This comprises two different directions that we can take your brand each with a mood board, color palette, and logo inspiration. At the end of the day, we hop on a call where I present this presentation to you. You will select a creative direction for the foundation of your brand.

DAY TWO — Day two begins the brand buildout process. I start designing your logo suite and any brand marks, monograms, and icons. This is based on the strategy and creative direction from day one. By the end of the day, I send the brand design for feedback. I will record a video presentation walking you through your design.

DAY THREE — Day three is dedicated to working on refinements to your brand design. If needed, we can hop on a call in the morning to discuss specific refinements that require more of a conversation. I make edits right on the call saving hours of time going back and forth on email.

DAY FOUR — Day four is all about Á la carte deliverables. These are extra deliverables that can help grow and market your business. Because every business is unique, specific needs vary. With the brand nurture week, you get to choose three á la cart items. I provided examples below of add-on deliverables to help you decide what you need most.

DAY FIVE — On the last day, I export all of your final files and prepare your brand style guide. Additionally, I will create a set of launch graphics to hype up your rebrand. This is important because you want to communicate with your clients and social media following about your rebrand. Why did you choose to rebrand and what it means for the future of your business. Plus, it’s a fun way to celebrate!

Deliverables — What’s Included

  • Logo Suite
  • Color Palette
  • Supporting Design Elements such as patterns, textures, or illustrations
  • Stock Photography Sourcing (if needed)
  • Business Card Design
  • Font Selection
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Custom Launch Graphics

Á La Carte Deliverables

You get to choose 3 add-on deliverables to your project. Examples include:

  • Pricing Guide
  • Website Landing Page
  • Email Opt-in Freebie Design
  • Canva Brand Hub Setup
  • FloDesk Backend Setup
  • Marketing Templates
  • Custom Email Signature
Brand In a Week — New Service Offering 'Brand Nurture Week'

How we keep things organized

I get it, this is a lot to take in and can become overwhelming. Communication and organization are KEY for any design project, but it is especially important during an intensive structure such as this one. The project management system, Asana is our best friend! Before the week begins, I invite you to a private Asana project board dedicated to your specific project. Everything is broken down into sections from important links, to resources, and a day-by-day breakdown.

Both you and I are assigned specific tasks to keep the project on time. Maintaining timelines keeps the project on task. Don’t worry, you won’t have a million tasks to complete. Your homework will include things such as filling out the questionnaire, providing any needed logins, and giving feedback.

Benefits of the Brand Nurture Week

You might be wondering, why brand nurture week over other project types? This type of offering provides a brand tailored to your specific business in just a week. We accomplish this with a collaborative process. If you do not want to be a part of the design process, this service is not for you.

Because this is an intensive structure, we hop on a few calls throughout the week. During these meetings, we are able to get to the solution quickly. If refinements need to be made, we schedule a video call to work through revisions right on the call. This alleviates a ton of emails back and forth. We get right to the piece of the design you don’t resonate with to solve the disconnect you are feeling. I do everything I possibly can to ensure you get the brand of your dreams.

Another benefit is this service is budget-friendly. Unlike fully custom brand strategy and design that ranges from $6-10k and lasts months, this service is priced at $2200 and designs your brand efficiently. My goal is for you to make your money back by booking ONE client. Time goes by fast as a business owner. A professional brand can double your clients by next week. So, what are you waiting for? 😉

If Brand Nurture Week sounds like a fit for your business, inquire today and we can talk details! Don’t wait another 6 months before rebranding. It might be exactly what your business needs to grow and scale!