I am over the moon to FINALLY share the Lovendear Rebrand Reveal! This has been a LONG time coming and truly stretched me in so many ways! And, when I say I spent a small fortune on fonts for this rebrand that is NO JOKE.

When I started my own design business in 2019, I was in a pretty significant rush to get a brand pieced together to start growing my business and work with clients. While I love what I began with, it was time to put some more intentionality behind my business. Performing my own services for myself has been a JOURNEY, to say the least.

One of my main goals for this project was to elevate and refine. I will always have love in my heart for my initial brand – it’s kind of a house that built me type of thing. But, I reached a point that I didn’t feel that it was as intentionally worked through and strategized as I would like. After all, I do guide business owners through the design process to elevate their brand. It was time I treated myself to these same services. So without further adieu, grab a cup of tea or glass of wine and enjoy the journey through my rebrand.

Lovendear Rebrand Reveal

Elevated | Trustworthy | Approachable | Minimal | Refined

These are some of descriptors I would use to describe my business and design style. I want my Lovendear to feel cozy and safe. Kind of like going home for Thanksgiving and waking up with a brisk in the air. Throwing on your favorite sweater and helping mom in the kitchen all morning type of feeling. Trusting a stranger to design strong visuals to help grow your business is a huge deal. I want you to feel safe and confident in choosing me as your designer!

I went back and forth between several styles and design elements. To keep myself grounded, I put myself in my audience’s shoes. This helped me as I designed to ensure I was evoking the proper feelings and telling the story I wanted my audience to know.

Lovendear Rebrand Reveal

Color Palette

Lovendear’s neutral color palette includes mostly browns, creams, grays, and green tones. This sophisticated color palette is soft, warm, elevated, and inviting.

Lovendear Rebrand Reveal

The Design Breakdown

My goal was to transition my brand from juvenile to experienced. I mean, I have been designing since 2015, after all. Combining a clean, modern san serif with a calligraphic style italic serif balances a timeless and eclectic feeling. A custom monogram brand mark will make it easier for me to maintain brand cohesiveness across all platforms. Some applications such as social media or stationery need a smaller more concise element such as a monogram brand mark.

Lovendear Rebrand Reveal
Lovendear Rebrand Reveal
Lovendear Rebrand Reveal

Additional Brand Elements

Some of my favorite things to design are the extras that go into a brand. Textures, patterns, icons, and illustrations really bring a design to life. For my rebrand, I created a custom grain texture to use as backgrounds on my website, marketing materials, and social media. This subtle texture adds an approachable component to the design.

Initially, I wanted the main logo to bring attention to the connection of the words ‘love’ and ‘endear’. But the more I worked through this, I began feeling a disconnect with this being my main logo. The great thing about design is that there are no rules. I could have both an eclectic and elevated brand. So, I married the two concepts into one! I plan to use the contrasting wordmark logo to express how much I truly care for each of my clients.

I’m truly so proud of how my brand turned out! I hope you enjoyed Lovendear’s rebrand reveal — Cheers!